I got some serious camera stuff and am having some fun.  I know I have a lot to learn… I just learned about this “optical slave” mode for this flash and realized I could trigger it with even my little point-n-shoot camera.  The exposure is a bit off (ok alot off), maybe some flaring, but I triggered the flash with my point-n-shoot and I like it!


I purchased this camera because it had decent low-light performance and I didn’t really want to use a flash.  I always though flash makes photos look really crappy.  Until I saw how photos look when people actually know how to use flash properly!  I could have probably gotten by with a less expensive camera, but I’m not going to complain about this one, I’m lovin’ it!  So far, my photos are just random photos of my apartment, getting the feel of all this cool new stuff.  I have a nice 50mm lense for now.  My next lense is gonna cost a mint and it seems it is rarely in stock anywhere, so this will have to hold me for a while.   This is gonna be an expensive hobby, although I’m still way under the line from the “Horological incident”