I read alot.  Possibly too much.  I actually read about what you should have on your “About Me” page.  I like the idea of being a little off or different, so I won’t talk about where I grew up or where I went to school.  I’ve recently become enamored with the idea of “living for now” and all that, so I’ll just tell you of myself now..

I live in NYC.  I realize more and more each day that it is the best place in the world!  I am a TSM administrator for a very large bank.  One that is still running and I’m fairly confident I will remain employed for the forseeable future.  I actually like my job, which seems rare in the financial IT world.

I’m an A.D.D. hobbyist.  I get very interested in some random topic (watch collecting, wine, poker, etc) and obsessively read and learn all I can.  I may dabble a little.  Perhaps buy 1 or 2 watches.  Maybe a few trips to Vegas  Eventually my interest wanes and I move on.  Sometimes my interests reignite, sometimes not.  I don’t really try to control it, I just let it ride. My current thing is photography.  This could get expensive….