3 on the townSo I officially caught the apnea. I went in for another test where they hook up a positive pressure deal on my nose, to see if it would help, which it did. Normally, the protocol is to use this face mask, when you sleep, for the rest of your life! I spoke with the Doctor about this, and he thought my apnea was mild enough, that if I lost the weight I was talking about losing, it might go away on its own. In the mean time, the face mask will make it easier to lose weight by removing whatever stresses the apnea is loading on. So now I have to sleep with a face mask until I lose 50 more pounds. I already lost about 20, so I’m on a roll. Maybe it won’t be for too long. If this doesn’t solve the problem, we have to find another solution, because wearing a face mask for the rest of my life would totally suck.

Film Center opened, and Ace was still here… unfortunately. Everything was remodeled and the staff has completely changed. Julie is off doing her school thing, and Ali is teaching swimming or something like that. A big group of us walked in on the first night they were open, and it was a bit of a let down. They were playing depressing Italian music, they had colored florescent lights inside, and just a general funk about the place. They did keep the original bar, but other than that, it was unrecognizable. I will go back at some point to try the food, but for now, it doesn’t look good. I might just need time to ease into change, who knows. Needless to say, we deflected Ace from going to Film Center. Gotta protect the young-ins. We, instead, went to a different place on 10th. Has a cool name, “Perdition”, it is the corner bar of someone in the group we were with. It was very cool, and had the same vibe as Old Film Center. We will definitely have to check it out again.