Ace's BdayAce had his 21st birthday yesterday. The plan was originally to go to Film Center, where he had been sneaking in for the whole summer, and celebrate there. Unfortunately Film Center is still remodeling, and foiled the master plan. They have been remodeling for 3 months now! I hope they have enough cash to see them through the construction. We, instead, did some bar hopping down 9th Ave.
We started at Vynl, right around the corner, for a pre-dinner drink. Julie was there and gave both of us a birthday shot. Evil, evil Julie. I normally do not take shots, but if I ever were to, the first drink of the night would be best, since that is when I am the least queasy. She gave us a “shot” of Jack, but it was more like a triple. It took me 3 big gulps to finish the “shot”. I knew at this point, in my infinite wisdom, the night would not end pleasantly.
Humby showed up and we had another drink with Julie, then moved across the street to Snug for mini-burgers. The bartender was a cute Asian girl, who I hadn’t seen before. Ace was convinced she was Korean, but she sounded Chinese to me. We started a guessing game with her. I was right about her being Chinese. We then tried to figure out what part of China she was from. I was right again when I said Canton. She said she’s actually from Hong Kong, but Canton seemed more “educated” for some reason. Hong Kong would have been more specific, so I don’t know what that meant.
Next stop, The Irish Rogue. At this point, I was out for the count. I just drank water for the rest of the night. Adam and Laura showed up. Since they just started I was the wuss for the night. I remember getting up and going to the bathroom once. Once in there, I thought that it was interesting that they remodeled it, but it didn’t look brand new. Ace was waiting outside and apparently saw me go into the women’s bathroom! I even heard a flush when I was in there, ha-ha. That could have ended much more embarrassingly.
Ace and company were doing all sorts of shots, and I just watched queasily from the sidelines. Ace had his shot of Jäger, as is required of all Texans on their 21st birthday. I have no idea about the other shots they had, but what surprised me, is Humby was keeping up with all of them! I never though I’d see Humby taking shot after shot like that. Crazy!
Adam said he had to “work” or some such the next morning, so we called it a night at about 1:30. Ace wanted to hit another bar, but he later thanked us for not letting him. Got home after a slice of pizza. Humby immediately hit the sack, and Ace hung out near the toilet. My favorite quote of the night… Between convulsions he said, “In a way, I’m never drinking again….but in another way…I totally am!”