I’ve been back from Madrid for a few weeks now. Back to the normal Shawn-life. I think this is the only time I’ve been on vacation and I really had no desire to come back! Madrid is plain awesome! I really recommend going. I did eat a bit much, but I was on vacation and I was with Cookie. It was inescapable! I have 3 groups of pictures under my Travelling album. Madrid, Bordeaux, and San Sebastian. The 3 areas I visited while I was there. San Sebastian is the best, when it comes to food. I’m afraid they put France and Madrid to shame in food. And that is *not* an easy thing to say. Although, it is like saying Bill Gates is richer than Larry Ellison. Larry Ellison is still one rich guy! I do plan on going back when it is cooler, and with more friends so I can see more of the things I didn’t this time around. I’m aiming for next April. We’ll see what’s happening around that time. I didn’t do alot of the typical tourist things this time around, like the Prado Museum, or the whole Southern Tour (Jerez, Cordoba, Sevilla, etc) Hopefully next time!
I still have the wedding to go to in Canada next week. Shannon and The hubby :) are supposed to fly up on Thursday, then we’ll drive up on Friday. For some reason I am doubting that Shannon will actually make it. We’ll see, I hope I’m wrong.