I’ve been meaning to visit Cookie in Madrid for a long time. I’m finally getting around to it. May 23 – June 15th, I will be in that part of the world. I’d like to make side trips to the different parts of Spain, as well as, because of my recent wine hobby, take a few days in Bordeaux. I really want to visit some of the legendary Chateaux up there, as well as try some Foi Gras and Sauternes in Sauternes! I’m actually doing way more research on Bordeaux for just a 3 day trip than I am on the rest of the time I’m there. I’ll leave the rest of it up to Cookie, the local. I can’t wait, I’m actually gonna do something! It’s been so long.
Then, when I get back, after a few weeks, I’m attended the wedding of a cousin on my fathers side, in Canada. My family is flying up from TX, but I’m just gonna drive over. It’ll be nice hanging out with Shannon and interesting seeing the “white” side of the family :) Shannon is planning on flying to MA a little early, and then driving up to Canada with me. We’ll wander around Boston, get her a lobstah roll and some chowda. Maybe make a quick Peking Duck run to Manhatten. Always lookin for excuses to hit that place :)
Once I get to Canada, I’ve been reading that unpasteurized cheeses is the big bad larry when it comes to cheese. It’s illegal in the US, but in Canada they make it (French style). I’m debating on trying to smuggle some back. I can’t imagine it’d be too much trouble. I’ll at least load up while I’m there.