In Brownsville now. My parents are letting me stay in their condo at the beach, and it is making all the difference in the world! For some reason, I always feel on edge when I’m at home in Brownsville. I think it is because I can not smoke in front of my parents (especially my mother). She says I can, but still, I can’t. Smoking isn’t an integral part of my life, but it is something I do. Similar to watching TV for most people. Anyway, staying at the island is like being in my own hotel room. only 20 minutes away, and the ocean breeze to counter the normally hot Rio Grande Valley weather. I almost think I can move back here if I lived at the island. Only problem is I doubt there are any SAN implementations anywhere within 300 miles if this place. Brownsville is hellish as always though, 95 degrees and 93% humidity. And its already September!Even Austin isn’t this bad. I remember when I first moved to Austin (which everyone says is very humid) my skin started to dry out.