Back in Massachusetts, added a whole 3 pictures of my vacation. Although good ones, I need to take more pictures. I am a bit of a photo slacker. Oh well, at least I did get some neato beach pictures. So overall, the trip wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Staying at the Island really made a difference, and actually being able to get around on my own did too (rental car). I am such an old man, set in my ways and all. So next target is Cancun. I just need to find someone to go with me, and I hear that its going to be the rainy season for a whlie. I’ll look around, see what my options are.

Doing some Veritas training for work. Also scheduled to do some TSM training next month. I’m not too fond of training. Seems like a lot of money on stuff you can do at home. Mostly everything I know I learned at home playing on my computers. You just gotta be interested enough, and have a “few” computers. I guess training is OK on multi-million dollar hardware, unless you can simulate at home (like my small tape library) We’ll see how it turns out, I hope I don’t fall asleep!