Again, I did nothing all week. Cleaned up my apartment a little, watched TV, and read. Received a sliding shelf for my rack. I gotta get around to installing that. I did get around to installing the PS/2 adapter for my sparc, and that works on my KVM switch now! Its the little things.

Thinking more about school. Decided if I am still here next summer, I’ll start up at Framingham State.

Going to get braces in about a month. Woulda done it this month, except my car insurance bill popped up out of nowhere. and I gotta maintain my buffer!

Things to do for my rack: (Adding to my to-do list)

– Install sliding shelf to seperate the sparc

– Get a rack-mountable case to replace the Gateway case. I like the Super-Micro cases.

(make sure the gateway MB is standard, I remember that it was)

– Replace Jeddah (login server and all around public IP face) with a 1U rackmount machine. (Jeddah is an old 486 whose video card has to be convinced to stay in, although has a 342 day uptime!)

– Finagle a 2 DLT drive rack mountable tape library (STK L20) somehow.

– Update backup server somehow, either

1. Update the Sun 711 case I have with a rackmountable option

2. Maybe cheaper, Replace the whole thing with a linux box and keep the drives internal. Replacement would have to be purple though :)