Making a trip to NJ tonight. I’m going to be lobbying for a fried turkey this year. Hopefully the hardware will be obtainable. This was popular on TV about 2 years ago. Needs a big stock pot, bunch of oil, a food syringe, and a hanger-type deal to dip the turkey in there. I’ve never had it, but every one I talk to says that it’s OH SO good. Also gonig to hang out with an old buddy of mine I haven’t seen in a LONG time. I lived on the same street as him from 1980-1984. Long time ago.

CRAP, Holy short term memory. I just stood up and thought of a website to look at for some reason. Sat down 5 seconds later and completely forgot what I was thinking about! I’ve been spending 30 minutes now, trying to think of it. ARGH!!

Anyway, I bought a Sun D1000 on ebay, huh huh. I think I’m a little crazy when it comes to unix hardware, but a D1000 for $250 with the rack-mount kit is a good deal! And it is on my to-do list. Its the item to replace my 711 Multipack case. Uses the same drives even. So I got that, a 1U intel box to replace Jeddah.. Now what I need is a Rackmountable tape library and get a rackmountable case for my Gateway. I also bid 50 bucks on 5 more D1000s. Don’t think I’ll get ’em, but if I do, Hooya! I’ll bankrupt myself filling those things. Also have to move completely to SCSI for file server purposes, cause that would be too damn cool.