Slight change of plans. I initially wanted to prototype in plastic to make sure everything works before I spend more money on this project. I later learned that buying all the metal parts wouldn’t be too expensive and it was taking me too much time browsing the catalogs for the plastic parts that I almost stalled on this project.

For the metal parts I found a local Swagelok dealer. I sent a hand-drawing and described what I wanted. They went through my drawing and assembled the parts list for me. Totally the way to go!

Just received my order from them and will probably get started this weekend. I also got the required tools to cut and handle the copper tubing.


Revised plan:

1. Figure out the size of the tubing to connect to the pump and brew group – Done-ish. I made a best-guess and ordered the parts. We’ll see if I guessed right that the connections are 3/8 and 1/8 BSP (Seems strange for an Italian manufacturer to use British standards, so crossing fingers)

2. purchase the polypropene tubing and compression fittings – Skipped

3. find the right needle valve with the right fittings. Probably a Swagelok brass metering valve. – Done. Part number B-2MG2-MH, Brass, medium flow series with the Vernier handle (cool, numbered knob). We will see about the flow range on this one. I got it because someone else on the internet told me he uses one for this application and thats about all I know about the expected flow! I also purchased it with NPT connections because I was planning on testing this with plastic. Now I wish I would have just purchased it with the swagelok compression fittings. If I want to change around for a lower flow model, I’ll definitely get it with the compression fittings

3a. Install everything and test! – Pending

4. find the right solenoid valve with the right fittings and voltage. Probably a Parker 110v, normally open, brass – Pending. In the mean time I got a manual ball valve to hold me over ’till I learn me some ‘lectricity
5. Get a switch and power supply for the solenoid
6. Figure out some purple blinky LED thing to activate when the solenoid is active.