A bit of a snow today.  They say there will be 12-17 inches in NYC before the day is done.  I left work early and took a few snaps on the way home.

This is the view in the lobby at my office.  Can’t see it in the photo, but there is a lot of wind and flakes in the air.  I do have my waterproof snow boots on so bring it on!

Still in NJ between the office and the PATH (subway to NYC)  Not too much snow.  It seems they are doing a good job of keeping the walkways clear.  Very happy about the waterproof boots.  I ended up in a few ankle-deep slush puddles that would have gotten me good if I had normal shoes on.

In NYC now and while the snow isn’t deep, you can see the wind and general nastiness.  Have to stop for a quick espresso on the way….

I was labeled a “regular” today at Joe.  They rang me up for an espresso shot before I got to the register. Apparently hardly anyone gets espresso shots, which is probably why I was easy to remember.  My portafilter is on its way to the shop to be modified, so my espresso machine is out of commission until it gets back.  Joe the Art of Coffee will see me quite a few times until then