soundwaveYep, been a while. I’m pretty frustrated with this WP theme. Something is wrong with the photo alignment after upgrading to the newest wordpress. We sort of patched it with some CSS hackery but now lightbox is broken and the code for the alignment looks different than in my old posts, which I don’t like. I’ve tried a few modern themes and everything works well, so I guess my theme code is getting old. It’s about time for an face lift, maybe a total overhall. I’m looking for ideas and I’m debating getting it designed for me. Anyway, this is killing my motivation.
On the other hand, I’m still obsessing a bit with photography. I’m not so great at it, but I’m practicing. If I take more photos that I actually like this may morph into a photoblog. Or maybe I’ll actually use the “category” function! At least until the obsession passes.
My friend who was pushing me to get that D700 let me borrow his SLR, and I have to say I am a bit enthralled. NYC is kind of cool in that you can walk down the street with an SLR/200mm/2.8 lens around your neck and no one really thinks anything of it.
Last bit, I bought the Soundwave reissue off of ebay.  I think I lost a few hours at work while I was playing with it today.  They are made from the same molds and metal in all the same places as the original one I had.   Soundwave is actually made from the Soundblaster mold, which doesn’t really matter to me since I really just wanted the cassettes anyway.  awethom!