emcdinnerSome other updates…  In September, I moved from Hell’s Kitchen to the West Village.  A small, expensive, one bedroom apartment in a 4th floor walk-up.  But when I was looking for apartments, this one just grabbed me.   Cozy, classy, has a nice layout and “fits” me.  For example it has just a mini-fridge instead of a full sized one, which is great, because all I use it for is yogurt, drinks, and barbecue sauce! Nice gas stove, no dishwasher and it has those cool upside-down wineglass holders under the cabinets.  All things I would have done if I were remodelling this place myself.  For the past few months, I’ve been occupying myself with getting this place up and running.  I still need to buy some furniture, and for some reason I seem to only like the stuff at Restoration Hardware.  Expensive and unfortunately, just at the top of my comfort zone with regards to cost. I’ve looked around a lot, and I don’t seem to see that style anywhere else.  You can find individual things at other places, but Restoration Hardware seems to have a consistent taste.  It’s like there is one person who decides what they carry, has a consistent style and has the same tastes as I do.  Anyway, that is the mission for the coming months.  As soon as I get the living room furnished, I’ll start posting some photos.
In other news, I started playing video games a little.  I bought a PS3 last year, but only used it for bluray discs.  When I was down in Brownsville for Thanksgiving this year, Victor bought Dead Space.  As Victor does, he got obsessed and played it through in one weekend.  Since he finished the game, I convinced him to lend it to me.  I’ve been playing maybe an hour or 2, here and there.  It took me 15 “game hours” to finish which I stretched over a month.  I have to say, video games have come a long way since I last took a look.  The story and suspense of this game was awesome.  Much better than even watching a modern scary movie (P.S. The Strangers sucked!)  Now that I finished this game, I bought Fallout 3, which also has really great reviews.  I also bought Little Big Planet for some variety.
About the photo, I was going through some old photos that were on my new camera and this one just cracked me up.  That’s my boss, Drew, posing for the camera, Scott and me.  The lighting in this restaurant was horrible but I tried to fix it up in Lightroom.  The camera did better than other non-SLRs in the low light, but it’s not “there” yet.  This is also before I started using the RAW setting.  I think that about catches me up with the last 6 months.  Now that I look back, not a lot going on…. I’ll have to see to that!