img_0250I think I’m dipping another toe into photography.  I’ve recently purchased a Lightroom 2 book and going through it, while organizing my photos that I’ve collected over the years is starting to inspire me.  Lightroom and Aperture (and iPhoto and Picasa) are programs that really changed the way I look at dealing with photos.  Pretty much what iTunes did for music.  I know most people had this revalation quite a while ago, but it’s only really setting in for me.
While going through my old photos, I found this one from 2003.  It one of my first attempts at doing macro-style photos.  (The base is about the size of a quarter)  I took it with Canon G2.  (They are up to G10″ now)  The focus ain’t great, and I don’t know why that book is there in the background, but it is re-inspiring me.  I think photography was always one of those background hobbies that I’ve always been a little into, but never really went “all-in”  I recently sold the Fuji I mentioned a few posts back and bought an LX3.  Lightroom just got RAW support for this camera. I’ve also been reading a LOT about exposure, aperture, ISO, etc.  I think it’s all coming together in a big inspiration conspiracy!   I’m not commiting to anything, but hopefully we’ll start seeing some better quality photos on here if I start to practice more.  My goal is to take a bunch of photos at least once a week.
When I visited Texas, a couple friends and my brother in law all had SLR’s. I have to admit, I felt a little camera-envy!  But that’s O..K…  I want to explore the limits of this LX3 (Which are considerable) before I think about upgrading.  That doesn’t stop me from browsing though.  I was thinking something on the order of a Nikon D90, but my freakin’ coworker is eggin’ me on.  He’s says, “Don’t waste your time with a mid-range.  You’re just going to upgrade again in a year or so.  You might as well just get the $2500 D700 now!”  Evil, evil man!  Anyway, I’m just browsing!