Yes, I’m lazy, I haven’t posted in a while, I haven’t taken many photographs either.  One or 2 things have happened since July, but this is about the most important.  I’m an uncle! A real uncle, not a fake-my-cousin-had-a-baby uncle.  My sister had a baby girl! “Rowan Emilia” was born on 9/19/2008.  I’m not really a baby person, but this one is particularly cute!  I mean c’mon, look at that mug!  I came down to Texas for Thanksgiving, and took a Houston road trip to visit Rowan the weekend after with my mom.  We setup a weblog and now my sister knows how to post pictures.  She promised regular updates, and so far she is uploading lots of photos and they bought a new camera, so there may be hope!

Updated….  This post looked like it could use a little more text, so I thought I’d update it a little.  I’ve been showing photos of Rowan around lately.  Almost everyone gave the obligatory glance and “aww, how cute”, then a pause, then a double-take, and a “hey, that looks just like you!”  I think it’s just the cheeks, but Shannon is telling me she is starting to make these faces that are very “Shawn”, such as this one:
I don’t know, what do you think?
I’ve also been paying attention to the random babies I see around town, and I have to say… There are a lot of ugly babies!  I thought they were all supposed to be cute or whatever.  I just don’t see it  Uggg!