Worked a little late today due to the IBMs acting up. We did a minor upgrade to TSM and for some reason it caused the Clariion to detach in a really peculiar way. Made it tough to believe it was a software problem. Anyway, after a few hours, it seems it was related to the SANDISCOVERY option being enabled in the new TSM. It was enabled before, but after disabling it with the newer version, seems seemed to work fine. I guess SANDISCOVERY, IBM HBAs and EMC Clariion don’t like each other. I was always suspicious of SANDISCOVERY, but it because usefull on some Windows test servers I was messing with. This unfortunately calmed my suspicions. I wish we could have been a 100% IBM shop, but there is Quantum and EMC in the mix. Oh well. Humby took an “action shot” while we were trying to isolate the problem.
Also, I got a shot of cortisone in my heel the other day! I went to the podiatrist to address some complaints, shin splints, etc. I had something scary sounding, which really just means “sore heel”. I apparently abnormally pronate when I walk, and it was magnified by coming to NYC and walking much more. It’s all treatable and I might actually be able to get on the treadmill after this, instead of just the elliptical machine. He also remarked at how inflexible I was. He tried to bend my foot back to stretch my calf and it wouldn’t budge! That also has something to do with the pronation, so now I have to stretch regularly. Stretching is probably a good idea anyway, and I should probably stretch more than just my calf muscles. Maybe yoga is in my future. Hippies!