Finally got around to upgrading the camera. I got the Fuji f100fd. I just wanted a small camera that I could carry around anywhere, and still have a hope of getting a decent picture indoors in a low-light situation. I went to B&H, which had a good price, was close-by, and I got the instant gratification of buying in person. (Not having to wait for mail-order) The instant gratification was ruined a little bit by having to charge the battery for a couple hours before I could use it :( B&H was a bit of an experience. I’ve been there before, but never purchased anything. They have this pretty efficient system. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of people in line. But everything flowed very well. They have a neat little conveyor system that shuttles the stock to all different parts of the store. Probabably minimizes shoplifting, but also probably helps the flow of the purchasing process.
Anyway, I still haven’t gone through the manual yet. Just took a few photos on Auto, and the low-light sensitivity is definitely better than my old Canon elph. Here is a picture on the corner. Like I said, everything is still auto, and I’m not sure if the Auto mode is the best for normal outdoor-sunny shooting.