I came out of a foosball dry spell this past weekend. Scott B had a housewarming cookout (I will not call it a barbecue!) at his new place in Brooklyn. I had a good time, played lots of foosball. It’s a pretty large place with a backyard and 2 floors. 2 couples are living there and it was the first time I met the other couple. Quite a few people went. Most I’ve met before, but I met a few more. Finally played Rock Band. Drums are too hard, bass is too easy. That’s about all there is to that, video games get boring pretty quick.
Other than that, I did amazingly little this weekend. I did a couple things on my todo list, but that only involved picking up paper-shredder oil. I didn’t even get around to using it yet. I’m still backed up on shredding stuff. I got my jiffy steamer in finally, but I haven’t gotten around to using it. Once I do, I’ll hopefully be on my “wear a suit once a week” routine.
I hope this is doing a good job of communicating how bored and pathetic I’ve been lately! I must be in some kind of funk. Other than the party this weekend, I’ve spent most of my time sleeping and just laying on my bed listening to audiobooks! I’m giving myself one week to get out of it. By next sunday, I’m committing to be back on my exercise routine. Hopefully that will be enough to get me outta the funk. Oh well, at least I got a funny picture out of it.
My birthday is coming up and maybe this funk is related to that. I doubt it, because I don’t really think about it unless someone else says something about their birthday, and I remember “Hey, mine is coming up!” I’m not really into presents or anything, and it’s in the middle of the week, so eh. Whatever….
So the photo is a bit big, and I need to write more stuff to take up space, so the photo doesn’t wrap into the next post!
Ace just got back from the Philippines and he started work in Brownsville already! I thought he was going to come back here first, but I guess not.
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog! I’ve been going back and watching some Arrested Development episodes. It was such a good show. GOB is my favorite character by far, but Jason Bateman is getting better this time around. He’s more subtle compared to GOB, so I guess I didn’t really get the character the first time I watched the 3 seasons. This time around, the characters are already built up in my head, so the mannerisms are more noticeable. I call it the Napoleon-Dynamite-effect. Arrested Development and Firefly are the 2 shows that I would actually pay to bring back! The Firefly movie helped a little, but I think they could have made the Preacher a much richer character, so I was a little disappointed. Ok, enough rambling…