I had to pull from stock photographs because I’ve been very lazy taking pictures lately. I should have taken some at the BBQ festival. The “Big Apple BBQ Block Party” was awesome, but I was unprepared. At least, now I have some knowledge, and it’ll be the dog’s bollox next year. The festival was at Madison Square park this past Sat-Sun, 12-6 on both days. Several booths offering different barbecue variations. If you approach the booths from the street, which is what every one did, you end up in Disneyland-style roped-off lines that barely move. It was also the first weekend this year that got over 95 degrees. I didn’t end up going until Sunday at around 2pm. I ended up going to the lines serving food that no one really wanted, since they were shorter! I did get to try Brunswick Stew, which I’ve never heard of before. The knowledge for next year: They have something called a “Fast Pass” which costs $100 and are limited in quantity (It was sold out before Sunday) This is basically a backstage pass and a debit card for barbecue! You just have to eat $100 worth of BBQ over the 2 days. You also get into the fenced off area behind the booths, so you don’t have to wait in line with the “riff raff” Next year, I’m getting their early on Saturday and buying a pass, straight off!
Last weekend, I also finished cleaning out my room. I brought several shipments of clothes to Salvation Army, and moved a few shipments of stuff to my storage facility. I ended up buying a full size hand cart with big wheels and nylon straps. Totally worth it. It made moving everything much easier.
Last, but not least, I finished upgrading my website. Upgraded WordPress and moved to smugmug. I also tightened up the security on everything. Now I have no excuses for not writing and taking some photos.
By the way, the photo is from Lansdowne Road, maybe the best mini-burgers, and they have a cool sheet of ice that goes the length of the bar to keep your drink cold. Neato!