With KCI haven’t been getting out much in the past few months and I saw KC maybe once since Thanksgiving.  I suppose I was just feeling self-conscious, but I know that’s nothing to worry about with this girl.  We went to this excellent italian wine bar in my neighborhood that’s only been open for a little while.  Bocca di Bacco had great food, great wine and great atmosphere.  They have several wines by the glass from all over Italy, not just Tuscany and Piedmont.  The open bottles are kept in those refrigerated nitrogen preservation systems.  I bought a tank of nitrogen a while back and used to keep the bottles preserved like that in my apartment in MA.  The phases I go through!  We got a couple appetizers and I got the pumpkin ravioli with butter/sage sauce.  This dish sounds familiar, and it might be one of the trendy dishes, but I don’t care!  It was something else!
About this girl..  The photo is a horrible, low light iPhone capture.  I forgot my camera yet again!  I tried to adjust the levels to get rid of the artifacts, and it ended up OK.  You can still tell from the horrible photo that she’s totally hot!  So I caught myself over-thinking today, which, when it comes to emotions, I’ve been trying to limit (I am my own worst enemy!).  I evaluated my feelings and came up with some weird observations.  I’m totally in love with this girl!! BUT, not in that way.  We don’t go out too often, but when we do, it really is a special occasion.  The conversation is fun, the food is perfect, the wine is just right, everything is the best, and in the euphoria of the evening, I catch myself repeating to myself with a smile “This is HAPPY!” and find myself cataloging everything accurately in my head.  Yet… that is the extent of it.  I don’t have those inclinations one might get when out with a girl like this!  What is that?!  I then caught myself “thinking” and stopped in my tracks!  Moving on….