superbad.jpgI finally got around to seeing Superbad. I can’t tell if my sense of humor is off, or I was just affected by all the hype. There were some funny parts, but I wasn’t falling over laughing like I was expecting to. A shame because I forgot to take Knocked Up off my Netflix list, and I have to watch that now. We’ll see what happens. Maybe my expectations are so low now I’ll actually like it.
1 year ago this month I was on the Master Cleanser. The rest of the year I sat around and ate as much as I could, and I gained even more weight than where I was originally. My mom is going to be mad at me, but I’m on it again. The idea is to learn from mistakes and keep fit afterwards. This will be the last time. I think I’ve discovered that, like alcohol, my capacity is not what “normal” people can eat. Not to mention the average portions in the US are ridiculous. I think I got used to eating like “normal” people and didn’t think anything of it. I got to the point where I was thinking it was strange that I just wanted to go home and lay down after every meal, where other people can actually do things after they ate! I have my portion plan now. With that, no soda, and exercising regularly, I think I have a chance. The portion control will be the toughest. I’ll be regularly leaving food on the plate when I declare I’m done This is extremely against the grain for me since I grew up with a filipino mother! The problem will be when the food is particularly good. When I’ve decided to stop in the past, I’ve gotten this urge to continue that scarily reminded me of when I was trying to quit smoking! Like smoking, I’ve had a number of false starts, but I think I’ve “hit bottom” with 225 lbs. Hopefully that was bottom!
Today was Bonus day at work. It’s also the day that raises and promotions get announced. I was hired as an AVP in the middle of May last year, so I wasn’t expecting a promotion or anything. I was also under the impression you couldn’t get a VP title without becoming a manager. The awesome news is that my coworker, who is not a manager, was promoted to VP. He totally deserves it, and it gives me hope. I was a little concerned that my career had plateaued and I would have to become a manager to move on. BNP has been treating me well, and I think I’ll stick around a while. My manager and coworkers are a riot. Good times!