Mario's WeddingSlightly backdated post.  Have a few things to write about.
I stopped the Master Cleanser about a week before I went down to Brownsville.  I lost about 20 pounds over 31 days.  If I were to do it again, I’d exercise right from the start.  That’s when the weight really started coming off.  I haven’t regained the 20 pounds, so maybe I have a hope of keeping it off.  I plan on eating well and exercising still, so we’ll see.
I actually made it down to Brownsville for Mario’s wedding, and am glad I did.  It was really great seeing all those people again.  I hope Adam had a good time.  I wish we had more time to show him around, but he got a decent taste of border life and food. Mario looked really happy.  He’s going to stay in Austin for a little while then eventually move down to Brownsville again, I think.  That’s were they want to raise their eventual kids. (No, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding!)
The more time I spend away from Brownsville I think about it’s few redeeming qualities.  The food is great.  I just never ate out all that much growing up, but can appreciate it now.  The weather during this part of the year is also wonderful.  The weather is only good for a short while though, so I don’t think I’ll ever move back there permanently.  Maybe on the beach… who knows.