Baby GNUJust spent the last few days doing a major overhaul of this site. Humby did most of the theme, then assigned it to me to finish. I posted the job on Scriptlance to have someone else finish it, then that was enough to make him finish it! I did some fine tuning and got the new software to work together (Photo albums and all that). I’m far enough along that I can replace the old site. So for the Dexters out there, it’s now a WordPress2, Gallery2, CSS site.
This is going to make it a lot more pleasant to keep this journal and add pictures to the posts. So hopefully I’ll actually journal more often. It will also let me back-date posts, so I will be adding some posts in the near future that will have older dates than this one (so it looks like they will be before this one, so keep an eye out!) Mainly about my vacations, Texas, Vegas, and the “Yana Circumstance”