Yana in SnugI had to stay home on Wednesday to wait for a furniture delivery. Yana has a friend who lives near Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, so she went to hang out with her for the day. I had the day off putting together my new TV stand and napping. I guess my nap prepared me for later, because that night we went to the usual places, but I was able to stay awake longer.

Yana didn’t get back into town until about 11:30pm or so. She called me from outside “The Snug” so I could meet her there. I walked over, and saw her across the street before I made it over there. About halfway across the street, I saw some drunken guy stagger out of “Vintage”, sidle up to her, and put his arm around her waist while she was looking at me. He didn’t notice me, but by this point, I got there and am facing the both of them. He slurs out, “You’re absolutely gorgeous, can I have your number?” She freaks a little, jumps to me, wraps her arms around my neck and says, “No, I’m with my boyfriend!” The guy notices me for the first time, and his eyes widen, as if he was actually scared of me! Maybe it was the You-must-be-crazy! look I had on my face. He put his arms up, told me how sorry he was, and back-stepped away. I couldn’t stop laughing about it. Every time we passed that corner afterwards, either Yana or I would bring it up. Great story! We spend the rest of the night at Snug. I confirm that it was me being a big wuss the last few nights, because we stay out until 4am this time, and Yana showed no signs of slowing down! She will be the death of me..