Yana drinking a margaritaWe got home very late, and consequently, woke up very late. We went to Arriba Arriba, the Mexican place on the corner. She demonstrated her enthusiasm for tomatoes, once again, by putting salsa on every piece of lettuce in her salad.

After lunch, out of the blue, she decided to get a tattoo. She wanted a white tattoo, the kind that looks like a tan line. I’ve seen them before, but I didn’t realize they were tattoos. We looked around on the internet for some recommendations on a place that would take walk-ins. We decided on “Cutting Edge” in the Village. It went pretty quickly, considering she got a freakin’ tattoo! Crazy girl! We decided on a butterfly design. The artist customized it a little, then went to work. They told us that these white tattoos tend to fade very quickly with exposure to sun, so be liberal with the sun block!

We had dinner at “Hell’s Kitchen”, where we got a bunch of appetizers. That is one of my all-time favorite places, the food is so good. Yana said that it was absolutely the best tuna she ever had, referring to the tuna tostada appetizer. I have yet to find someone who doesn’t think that the tuna tostada is the best appetizer around!

The rest of the day involved walking around, and more visits to “The Snug” and “The Irish Rogue”. I should mention the “special liver”.  At some point, Yana claimed to have a special liver. She claimed to be able to drink obscene amounts of alcohol with very little to no effect. We have heard this once before from Humberto. A few long island ice teas later, we knew the truth of the statement.  I was skeptical, but I was convinced after this particular trip to Rogue.  After a few drinks, we met some guy who was walking around with a portable breath alcohol tester (Breathalyzer).  He was a friend of the bartender, Mick, so that was enough accreditation for me.  After he tested both bartenders, we talk him into testing Yana.  Her blood alcohol came out to .233.  For context, normally, people start losing balance at .15, and lose consciousness at .30. She was acting normal and walking around like nothing!  You may be thinking to yourself, “Ah, but she’s Russian!” Even her Russian friends say “yeah, Yana can drink way more than us!” It’s quite strange, but I always find girls that can drink me under the table.  It’s quite emasculating! I don’t mind though.  It was another late and fun night. Don’t know if I can keep this up!