So the last hosting company was getting a bit frustrating. It just started to get really slow after a while. I found this company which had a better deal, and is supposed to use some faster virtualizing software. So we’ll see. So far the web pages seem a lot faster. Although…. I think Adan’s site (which is a virtual host on my host) might have been slowing everything down somehow. When I enabled it on this host, things slowed down a bit. So I think I’m gonna have to kick him off. I’ll let him know the next time I talk to him on IM. I think it may have just been some Postnuke plugins with questionable heritage! My next goal is to be off of postnuke myself. Whenever I get the motivation and time..

SAG is the Screen Actors Guild. It is the union that actors will try and get in to as soon as they pass all the requirements. I live next to the theatre district, so there are a lot of actors running around. My friend’s brother and sister in-law are both actors in SAG, and are members of this movie club of some sort, where you have to be a SAG member in order to join. So my friend can use their membership card and bring one guest. Once every couple weeks they have a screening and I can go with my friend to this thing. A screening is a movie that is shown before it officially “is in a theatre near you” So I’ve gone a couple times and it’s really cool. They have strict rules on the movie watching and they can punish you by forfeiting your membership. The incentive to turn off your cel phone, avoid talking, etc is pretty strong, and makes it more enjoyable. Also, there is this little hole in the wall burger joint right next to it. You have to walk through a hotel and basically go behind a curtain to find it. Best burgers I have had in NYC so far! If anyone is interested, it’s in the lobby of the Parker Meridian hotel on 57th between 6th and 7th.