Lots of things to write, but I’ll separate that over a few entries. First things first, the State of the Shawndo! I am living in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan. I have a somewhat decent (if old) 2 bedroom apt. I’m close to everything and I love it! I ride the subway to work everyday, and even though my commute is 30-40 minutes, it doesn’t seem like that much here for some reason. In Austin, I would have moved if the commute was that long. Also, the ipod is pretty much a part of the NYC uniform. Everyone has one. I’m a bit old school with my 3g ipod, but thats ok. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts on the commute.
Check the temperature in hell, because it may be a bit nippy…. I’ve been exercising pretty regularly lately! I am still a bit out of shape, but I’m getting way better. I can climb the stairs out of the subway without being out of breath!! The machines at the workout place have heart rate monitors, and when I match the pace of people around me, my heart rate jumps to just over 190, so I still have to go a little slow. All those medical web pages that talk about heart rate say that 191 should be my maximum heart rate, and I should exercise at a around 75% of that.
I just noticed I didn’t write about this before, but April 11, 2005 I stopped smoking. I probably didn’t write about it in case I started up again, but I’m still smoke-free. I actually made it throught the trip to Madrid without smoking. I still can’t believe that.
I still have more to write about to catch up:
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