I’ve been working in NY/NJ for about a couple weeks now. So far things are looking good, except for my commute. I’m still staying at my aunt’s house. I have to wake up at 6:45, shower and all that. get to the train by 7:50 and finally get to my desk around 8:45. I have been working in a few different locations, depending on what I have to do that day. 2 are in Manahattan, and 2 in NJ. Although I am predicting that my primary site will be in Jersey City.
I have been debating, but I think I’ve decided to live in the city. Alot of people have been saying Hoboken is the place to be, but I want to do the whole Manhattan thing. Just for a year or 2 maybe. It’s an experience, and a chance I might not have again. I’m going to store some stuff in my aunt’s garage, but she said she was OK with that. I’m planning to store my car just on the NJ side, near the train station somewhere. Need to find a safe parking spot to rent as well. My lease in MA runs out in Oct, so I need to have everything figured out in a month. Still looking for just the right place. I’m thinking the Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton area near Adam.