Not that NJ and NY are much better, but I’ll have a little less trouble with Wine shipments at least. So I am finally leaving wonderful Massachusetts in order to pursue an opportunity in the NYC/NJ area. I’m going to be working with Adam again (From IBM/Tivoli in Austin)
For now, I will be driving down during the week and staying with my Aunt in NJ until I find a place and arrange the movers and all that. Still trying to decide between hip, downtown city life, or old-man, hermit, suburbia-life. I kinda like the hermit life, but I don’t *want* to like it :( What can you do?
I’m also working on a replacement for Postnuke on here. I’m pretty sure it will be WordPress and Gallery2. I’m working on a theme that will make it look just like this one, and waiting for Gallery2 to be fully released.