7 Months have passed since the last update and I finally have some thinigs to write!
I actually did something semi-social. I went to a charity wine tasting. I small-talked with a few people, but nothing really bonding. For the most part I was really concentrated on systematically tasting all the wine I could, and keeping notes. I really found some wines I may never have gotten around to tasting. I was surprised to find I actually prefer Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay. Also, as a generalization, I learned that I tend to like wines from colder regions. For example, I tend to prefer Washington wines to Californian.. Loire, Burgandy, and Alsace to Languedoc and Provence. The jury is still out on Bordeaux.
I wrote alot more, but I realize it would look weird to have a bunch of semi short entries, then a really large one, so I’m gonna separate them over a few days. Maybe it’ll look like I’m writing semi-regularly!