Just got back from TX and am back at work. I am glad that I went to the reunion thing. I did have a good time talking with old classmates. I was struck by how little everyone had changed. Photos I took of everyone are in my History album here.
I was advertising this site to everyone, so if you are one of those visitors, click on the yellow “here” before this sentence. Note that there are multiple pages of photos. I’m still working on the photo captions, but you can see all the photos. Also, I can’t remember who was married, engaged, or just dating. So click the “Contact Me” link on the very left if you want to correct me. I’m just assuming it’s dating unless I know otherwise. Also, if enough people email me, I’ll start up an email list, if y’all are interested. (An email list is basically an email address like [email protected], or something like that, that all the members will receive the messages. So you can email that address and reach everyone, then others can reply, and start up a conversation with everyone.) Vanessa! If you are reading this, email me with the “Contact Me’ link on the left. I need to get some pictures from you.

Other than the reunion, I was down in Brownsville for about 2 weeks. Humby (Humberto Castro, to those new to the site) was strategically stuck in Houston the whole time I was in Brownsville, then got back the day I left! Pinche Humby! I hung out with Mario, Victor, and Cookie the whole time. It was good seeing Cookie. I haven’t seen him since he moved to Madrid in ’02.

On the way back, weather caused me to stay a night in Houston. I stayed with my sister in her new house. I’m so jealous!! I could really use a house in TX somewhere. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures, but will try and get her to do it one day.

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