If you are reading this, then the DNS updates have propagated… I did a quick change from my old hosting site, because they had some major drama going on. You can read more about it here.
I did a lot more research and hopefully chose wisely this time. I can tell the connection is a lot faster. Hopefully it will stay that way.
When I setup all this stuff last time, I remember it taking a really long time, and for some reason I didn’t make a shawndo-howto. It was frustrating figuring everything out all over again. Especially when I would get stuck at some point, and knowing that I had figured it out at one point.
Oh well, I setup the daemontools,dns,mail, (The whole DJB situation!) web, imap services with ssl and all that good stuff finally.

You should read a little about this DJB guy as well as try his software. For some reason it just feels artistic to me, in some odd, weirdo, geeky way. Simple, focused, effective, and powerful.

So anyway, when I see this entry on here, then I’ll know the move has completed.