I’ve been pretty horrible about updating this thing, and to top it off I screwed up the Random Photo Block on the right of the page. I can’t get it to size correctly without resizing ALL of my thumbnails. Don’t wanna do that.
Anyway, just cooked my first duck (pictures in the cooking section) and it was pretty good. Not as good as the Peking Duck Religious Experience I had in Manhattan, but it satisfied my duck longings. I made cucumber, hoisen, duck tacos. So the flavors were almost the same as Peking duck.
I’ve moved a little past Rachael Ray and am now a big Alton Brown fan. His show is Good Eats and he has some insanely obsessive fans. My kinda people! He approaches the whole cooking this with higher order thinking as opposed to dishing out recipes. But the recipes he does include to illustrate points are really good!. I finally have an oatmeal that I can stand (and actually like), and then this duck didn’t disappoint. He’s 2 for 2 so far.