It’s been a long time since I’ve added anything here. Just an example of how I work in phases. I can’t decide if I just fell out of the web page updating phase, or if my life is just exceptionally boring, that I have nothing to write.

Anyway, I have developed into a major Rachael Ray fan. She is the host of 2 shows (that I know of) on the Food network, 30-Minute Meals and $40 a day. I bought her 2 30-Minute Meals books and am going to work through them cover to cover. I just finally got them this week. I went shopping and have all the stuff. But the first thing I made was from her show. I made a really good Veal Marsala, egg noodles and steamed asparagus. I’m going to make it again tonight, so I should get a picture then. (I plan on taking pictures of all the “firsts” and put them in my photo album on here. I put my first french omelet on there! :)