More movie reviews:
2 fast 2 furious – Not as bad as I was expecting. Love the Asian chick
Bad Boys 2 – Everyday action flick. not so good
Basic – OK for a while, but the ending sucked
Hollywood Homicide – eh, ok if its on HBO
LXG – I liked this one. too many characters to develop properly, but it was still good
Pirates of the Carribean – BRR RRR. Not to sound gay or anything, but Johnny Depp kicks ass!
Tomb Raider 2 – Didn’t seem that good. still trying to make it all the way through

I got braces and quit smoking on July 23 2003. The plan is to also start exercising. We’ll see if all that pans out. My goal is to look halfway decent by the time my sisters wedding rolls around in Feb 2004. Now I have this written down, so I gotta stick to it now.
People were saying I was full of crap and all “Denial” the bear when I claimed I wasn’t addicted to cigarettes. Now that I havnen’t smoked for a little over a week, and I haven’t felt any withdrawals or any of that stuff. I still say I was never addicted. Disagreements ? Am I still in “Denial”?