Working the first week after that long vacation. My coworker is on vacation this week, so I’ve been by myself all weekend! Been playing poker at partypoker a little bit. Doing OK and I’ve been too lazy to keep track of the stuff on “Poker History” any more. Have to decide if I want to keep that defunct page. Hmm, defunct is a cool word, maybe I’ll put there somewhere on there. (Just about done with a 12 hour graveyard shift, so forgive the rambling)
Phone Booth – sucked
Bruce Almighty – pretty good
Hulk – OK, better than I expected, love that Jennifer!
Confidence – Pretty good
Finding Nemo – BRRRR (Very good_
Italian Job – Pretty good. Love Charlize.
Matrix – eh, part 1 was better
T3 – Better than T2, but thats not saying much. Liked it though