Had a good time in Austin. Spent a bit too much money. I got an Xbox and set it up with some cool software. I can finally play media stuff over the network without the need to burn it. I collect a lot of TV shows and store them all on my file server. It is totally worth it. On top of that, I ran into a good deal at some tech surplus place Humby brought me to. I found an IBM B50 (2U AIX box) I talked the guy down to 1400, Tested and shipped. Awesome deal. Can’t wait to swap out my Sparc for it. Just need a differential card for it to plug it into the D1000.
The boat on the lake was awesome, and the barbecue hit the spot. Took a decent amount of pictures, have them in the photo album on here. Other people took a lot of pictures too, and I need to rip some and put ’em on here.
Came back to MA with Humby and wanted to show him around. So far we’ve only hung around my place, and went to the casinos a couple times. Humby is a bad gambler. Played blackjack, craps, and slots. I’m pretty bad myself (except for poker). The first day, I did worse than him though. I tried my little baccarat double-down thing, to show him what’s up. Lost 400 bucks in just a few minutes. I shoulda kept doubling, but I thought I’d have a better bet with poker. Played some 3/6 at mohegan, and made back 100 bucks. Next day we went to foxwoods, and for some reason I played Blackjack and slots. Lost 100 bucks each, but made 200 bucks at Foxwoods. So I’m down 300 for the week.
Other than that, we went to a few restaurants, but mainly watched a lot of recorded TV shows on my xbox.
Right now the big thing is catching all 7 hours of the World Series of Poker on ESPN. They are doing 1 hour every tuesday night. Woohoo!