I withdrew some money from PartyPoker.com and it all went through fine, so I feel ok about putting money into it. I got a cash free deposit, gave some cash to Mike and he transferred it over. The excitement of Poker is wearing off a little, but I think I am also learning alot more as well. I’m gonna keep going for a while.
Mom is coming with my aunt and her friend. They originally planned on staying here, but since there are 3 of them now, I think I’m gonna make ’em stay in a hotel. We’ll see what happens. Also have to do the whole tour guide thing again. I’ve just been feeling so lazy lately. We’ll see how I feel after my vacation. I am taking 2 weekends off. First weekend with my Mom. Second weekend I’ll be in Austin. (Almost 2 weeks) Then Humby is coming up to visit MA. I might actually have some holiday time that I never knew about also. If so, I’m gonna try for 3 weeks off (Almost 4 weeks of vacation!) Then I gotta go to NY and do that whole bit.