It’s been a while since I’ve had any techie updates. Mainly because I haven’t really done anything in the tech realm with my rack. I finally got around to getting a rackmountable case for my gateway machine. It’s a 2U supermicro. A little expensive but totally worth it. This is my second dealing with Supermicro, and they completely impress me. My first was the Alienware computer I got, and when I opened it up, everything just made sense. This time it was just the case, but all the screws came separated in little baggies. (m/b, hard drive, chassis screws) They even included cable ties and all that. I thoroughly recommend Supermicro for all your computing needs. If I have the cash, I’ll coninute to use them. I haven’t finished putting together “orthrus” yet, but will soon. Until then, I went ahead and shut down ALL the computers in my apartment. The silence is almost unbearable! The new orthrus should be ready to go by next week some time. This is just the transplanted gateway. After this, I’ll only need to get a new DLT library to be completely rack-o-licious!
Still playing poker. I’ve won the last couple times out. Feeling good about my play. Going this weekend again to hit the Memorial Day weekend crowd. Hopefully I’ll hit another insane table. There are some wackos out there, I love it!