Finally went to Vegas. I had a great time. My only problem with Vegas was the lack of humidity, bloody nose every morning. Did a bunch of gambling, but ended up pretty much even. (up $16 if you count my souvenir chips as cash)
Rundown: won $300 at slot machines at the Palms. Lost $100 at single-deck Blackjack at Binion’s. Then lost the rest playing 3-5hour sessions of Poker at Mandalay Bay, Excalibur and Bellagio. (Actually broke even at Bellagio) I’m going to start keeping a poker history on here somewhere. Should show how/if I’m learning.
I didn’t take near enough pictures. I need to go with one of my picture-happy friends next time. The few I took I posted in the album. The Blue Man Group was something else. Totally worth seeing. Bellagio was the nicest hotel I saw, and the best poker room (next to Binion’s of course, but that place is just intimidating)
I finally started playing poker. I have to say it is pretty enjoyable. Playing baccarat, I got pretty bored after only 1 hour or so, but I can handle poker for 5 or more hours no problem. Should be a good hobby. It is a skill and mind game, and I feel pretty confident that I can learn it well enough to make some money. Hopefully I can maintain an interest long enough to learn what I need to know.