This week I went to Foxwoods a few times. Had alot of fun and learned stuff too! It is a good diversion to keep me awake so I can keep my night schedule. There is a whole group of regulars and a whole culture out there. I think I got on the wrong side of the regulars with my novice playing. I called and raised a few times I should have folded, and pulled out some miracle hands that cost them quite a bit. I just maintained my normal quiet self, and let them get all emotional. I think that got on their nerves even more. I just need to build my game up better so I can take advantage of that. On the subject of game building, it was just as I suspected. Topics in the books I have read are sticking more, now that I have a few sessions under my belt. It’s making more and more sense. I’m going to try and stick to 4/8 games and lower so my Baccarat bankroll will last longer. I’m still 2170 up. Hopefully that can handle my learning and the normal swings. I created a “Poker History” content item on this site. I probably won’t write about each an every trip here, just post a summary on that page. I still have confidence I can beat this game!
By the way, I normally prefer Mohegan Sun as far the facilities go, but Foxwoods just has the greatest poker room. Lots of people, lots of money, they take rate cards at the poker room. That’s as good as it gets!