I’m going stir crazy waiting for the trip to Vegas. I’ve been reading all I can about poker. Coincidentally, the Travel channel started a Poker TV series that plays a 2 hour tournament every Wednesday night. I love that stuff. WIth all the poker books I’m reading, alot of the stuff is starting to sound familiar, so I think I’m starting to absorb this stuff. I think I’ll be setup pretty good by the time I get to Vegas, and my planned poker outings when I get back. I’m also starting to wonder if this is another one of my fads. I have this habit of getting into fads. Last year was my Air Force fad, then Navy (with an overall Military thing) Then it was typical gambling, then with more research, I found that Poker was the way to go. Hopefully I’ll like it. Also, I just got a sense that I might have written this before. Since I repeat myself alot, deal with it!