Curse me for looking for a good Vegas deal! It sucks waiting so long for the trip. I’m going at the end of April, and all I’m doing is waiting. I’ve pretty much put everything on hold until I go. So in the meantime, like always, I’ve been watching TV and reading alot. I actually saw a surprisingly good movie. Simone was a better movie than I’d thought it would be. I just have a low opinion of Pacino’s movies nowadays so maybe it’s just a little bit better than his normal stuff. And I’m in love with the Simone actress, so that might have something to do with it also. She did a damn good job considering this is her first movie. (At least according to imdb)
I also got this great book called “Bringing down the house” I’m only about half way through it, but it’s an amazing true story. It’s about a group of MIT kids that came up with card counting methods and took the casinos for a LOT of money. Warning, causes lots of dreaming about being rich!