It’s been maybe about a month since the last time I went to a casino. Out of the blue, last night i had some weirdo dream. I went to Mohegan Sun to play baccarat. In my head I thought, for some reason, “For reasons of Karma, I’ll give Gary (my coworker) half my winnings” I’ve had this feeling lately that I’m a little negative on the Karma scale because I’ve had so much good luck lately. So I guess this dream was a “karma-neutral” method to play at luck. So I woke up at 4AM. Got dressed and took off to Mohegan Sun. Played one complete shoe, and came out 600 bucks ahead! As I promised my brain, I called Gary, told him to buy me a steak with his 300 bucks in winnings! So that makes it a grand total of me being up 2420 after 6 casino trips (Not counting the 300 commission to Gary. That’s a nice little bankroll to visit Vegas with!
Got back from Brownsville last thursday. Didn’t really write about it, ’cause it sucked. Well, it was Ok, but I didn’t stay at the beach, so the water I bathed in was all hard. So i feel gross throughout the day (on top of the 1001% humidity. Gotta shower twice a day and you still feel kinda funky. Seems like a minor thing, but that was the only major difference between the last time I went (and had a good time) and this time. So I blame everything on the water! Wasn’t worth the cost of the ticket, although Mohegan did pay for it! :)