Been a relatively uneventful 2 weeks, which I like. Believe it or not, I haven’t gone to a casino at all. People were thinking I was already a gambling addict. (Although when Daniel and Eric were here, we did end up going to the casinos twice in one week, and I’m up $2120 at this point) but I think it’s like smoking for me. It’s nice, but if I have to, I can do without. Then again, I am planning a trip to Vegas!!
It’s already March, and we just got 6 inches of damn snow a couple days ago. Mario in Brownsville is already wearing shorts, and Spring Break starts for him next week. In a fit of spontaneity, last weekend I bought a ticket down there for this coming monday (10th) Since Mario is actually on vacation, I’ll have someone to hang out with all day. On top of that, my whole family will be out of town, so it doesn’t look like I’ll have any obligations on that end. I can’t wait for the warmth!
Additionally, I’ve never been to Las Vegas, so I’m planning a trip right now for May. Going with my coworker Gary who knows his way around Vegas. I plan to learn the specifics for casino poker, so I can play in the rooms here and not look like an idiot. Gotta hit the Bellagio, they actually have Kobe-Wagyu beef on the buffet there!! My mouth is already watering from my Kobe beef memories from Bouley.