More about the week before last when Daniel and Eric was visiting me.
Daniel and Eric were in town for the week. Firs couple days they were here, the “Blizzard of ’03” hit. We just hung around my apartment, watched TV and ate. Next day we headed over to Boston to do some tourist stuff. (Day after getting 27.5 inches of snow) We wandered around in the snow, and I finally got to Cheers and took pictures. Next day we made it to NYC in 2.5 hours. That was a record for me. There were alot of cars on the road and all going 80 and up. So just keeping up with them, I was able to keep an 80 mph average.
We did the whole NYC thing. Took lots of pictures. I put some really good ones in the album. We hit a really great Peking duck house. Daniel was telling me that typically, you have to order 24 hours in advance for Peking duck, but this place had it available all the time. The Chef came out, carved the duck and everything. It was really cool. I have had a bad history with duck, but this has turned me around on the animal. Unfortunately it was overshadowed with the Bouley restaurant later in the day (which I already wrote about)