I have a lot to write about the last week, but I am dedicating one entry to a restaurant I visited. Daniel and Eric were in town for the week, and among other things, we went to New York City to do the tourist thing for a couple days. We went to this restaurant called Bouley on West Broadway. It’s an upscale gourmet french-type restaurant. I’ve never been to one of those before, and NYC seemed like the right place to give it a shot. We called for reservations. We scheduled a time a little early, so it wasn’t too crowded. The girl who took our reservation forgot to inform us there was a dress code, so they let us in anyway. We didn’t know about this until we were leaving and we were talking to the girl about being surprised there was no dress code. But even though we didn’t know throughout the meal, I was still feeling pretty scummy being surrounded by people in jackets and slacks. The meal was pretty expensive, but we all thought it was completely worth it. It was so good, I don’t think it would do it justice to explain what I got in just words! They have a tasting menu with wine pairings which I need to do next time. I just got one dish and dessert, but they gave us a lot of “complimentary” courses and desserts. I think now, I actually understand the fascination with french food. This chef is operating at a completely different level than the food I’m used to. It’s like hearing a virtuoso piano player for the first time after only attended elementary school recitals all your life! I can’t say enough of this place. Highly recommended! I read more about this place on the internet after we left, and found that the owner, David Bouley, is pretty famous in the cooking world. It was just plain good luck we ran into this place!