Went to Mohegan again last night. That makes it 3 trips so far. I just re-read my last message about not going that one week. Bullshit!, that was the same week as my 2nd outing. Ah!! that sweet sweet crack! After I went the second time, I gave myself a soft rule . I told myself I wouldn’t go back until I knew poker enough to sit at those tables (Instead of my typical Baccarat playing) . Last night I modified that rule to be “I won’t go back to the casinos until I know poker well enough to sit at the casino tables, or someone invites me” (I won’t initiate an outing) Last night a former coworker of mine asked me to go with him, and I wanted to go, hence the modification. So we went. I fell into my baccarat routine, and next thing I know it, I’m laying down 500 bucks on a single hand!. Luckily I won that hand, and I walked away ahead 700 bucks for the night. That brings the grand total up to 1300 bucks up. Not bad for 3 short trips!