I actually didn’t go to the casinos this week. I took my winnings from last week and deposited it. For the effort it took to deposit the money (My bank is in Texas) I’m hesitating now to use the ATM for gambling because I’ll have to go through that effort again! My laziness is saving me from gambling too much. Laziness can be a good thing! On the other hand, my laziness caused me to not take vacation last year. When my company was bought, the old company paid me for my vacation and hiked my taxable income. So now, ***editted…suggested my salary*** Roth IRA. Stupid tax law. Hopefully Bush’s new savings plans will pass. If it does, beleive it or not, he has earned my vote for the next year. He’s also hinted at revamping the whole tax system to a consumtion based tax (as opposed to income tax) He’ll probably do that if he gets re-elected. I’m crossing my fingers. The leftist media people say this stuff will only benefit the rich. I don’t consider myself rich, I’m just a moderately intelligent computer dude…. Employee/Enlisted type. Not a manager, executive, officer type…maybe a non-com at the most. and I totally see how this will benefit me! (I’m not in the military, but read alot, and see alot of parallels between the corporate and military worlds.)